Artist Uses her Talents to Support Charities

Singer and songwriter Fiona Apple has pledged to donate all royalties earned for two of her songs when they are used in movies and TV for the next two years. The pledge first appeared on a Tumblr fan account called “Fiona Apple Rocks” and was later confirmed by a representative for Apple.

In April 2020, following the release of “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”, Fiona’s latest studio album, the artist made the announcement of her commitment to charity and which two tracks on the album she has selected for the song royalty donations. “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” is the first studio album released since “The Idler Wheel” which was released in 2012. So far the album has received critical acclaim. It has earned the highest-ranked album of all time on Metacritic and was given four stars by NME where it was hailed as a ‘visceral listening experience’.

Shameika and Heavy Balloon

Royalties from the track “Shameika” will be donated to the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ), a charity organization with a goal of ending intergenerational poverty in Harlem, a neighborhood in New York. HCZ offers children in Harlem customized educational support with a view of improving their future prospects. The indigenous women-led group Seeding Sovereignty will receive royalties from “Heavy Balloon”. Seeding Sovereignty is working towards decolonizing capitalism and dismantling imperialist institutions. The group advocates racial equality and works to replace colonial institutions with indigenous practices.


Not the First Time Fiona’s Compassion is Shown

If “Shameika” and “Heavy Balloon” make it onto a movie or TV show, it would not be the first time Fiona has produced music for the silver screen. It’s also not the first time she has shown the world how generous she is. In 2019 the singer donated approximately $90,000 to the While They Wait Fund, an organization that helps refugees to secure legal assistance, immigration fees and basic necessities. This amount was generated by royalties earned every time her song “Criminal” was used in movies or TV. In more recent times, Fiona co-wrote a song called “New York Doesn’t Like Your Face” for the animated comedy series Central Park.

How Fans Can Help

The more often the two tracks are used in shows and films, the more money Fiona will be able to donate to the charities. To maximize this, the benevolent singer has encouraged fans to send messages to Hollywood music supervisors and movie or TV show creators asking them to include the songs in their programming. And, just in case neither track is used on screen, Fiona will make sure that the charity organizations still receive a generous donation of $50,000 each. She posted a handwritten note making this commitment on social media which was shared far and wide by her fans. In the note, Apple stated that she’s hoping and trying to increase this donation by getting the songs used by Hollywood.