Working Together for a Better World

From global health concerns to problems with education, poverty and the environmental crisis – there are growing concerns in various areas around the world. Fortunately, through the years several philanthropic foundations have been founded by exceptional individuals with the aim of addressing these difficulties.

Positive Solutions

The unified goals of these extraordinary foundations are: to educate others about the problems, to discover actionable solutions, and to take the necessary steps to implement these solutions. On this site we take a look at some of these top philanthropic foundations and how the good work they do is having an effect.

The Foundations

The Rotary Foundation – Service Above Self

Find out more about the Rotary Foundation, a global organization that seeks to improve lives and eradicate polio in particular.

The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

One of the wealthiest grantmaking foundations in the United States, find out how the Hewlett Foundation supports different projects in the US.

Tin Ka Ping Foundation

The Tin Ka Ping Foundation, founded by Dr. Tin Ka Ping with his own personal funds, has a mission of improving the quality of education in China.

Tom Joyner Foundation

To give all students the chance to attend college. The Tom Joyner Foundation supports historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and provide programming initiatives to allow students...

WE Foundation – Making Doing Good Doable

The WE Foundation is an organization geared to make it easier for everybody to help improve lives. Find out how the foundation was started and learn more about its mission.

William S. Abell Foundation

The William S. Abell Foundation provides grants to organizations and programs that support very specific sectors of the population. These include, feeding the...

Yerzhan Tatishev Public Foundation

Yerzhan Tatishev Public Foundation based in Kazakhstan provides educational grants to ensure that low-income students can attend the country's top universities.
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