The porter foundation


The Porter Foundation is focused on the improvement of the environment, supporting disadvantaged groups,  and making arts, culture and education easily accessible to all people.



Operating Region

Israel and the UK.

Supported Causes

The Porter Foundation supports multiple causes including:

  • Elderly care
  • Arts and culture
  • Environmental initiatives

Grants/Award Programs

The Porter Foundation typically sets up philanthropic initiatives in collaboration with various environmental, arts and culture, educational and health-related organizations or projects. Each potential program is evaluated on its merits. Dame Shirley Porter sponsors the Porter Fellowship Program at Tel Aviv University.

Main Criteria for Funding Projects

No information is currently available on the Foundation’s funding criteria.

Funded Organizations/Projects

The Porter Foundation has funded many initiatives since the 1970s, including the following:

  • The Porter Institute for Poetics and Semiotics (Israel, 1977) – Support for Tel Aviv University’s literary research centre.
  • The Cohen-Porter United Kingdom Building for Life Sciences (Israel) – Construction of a six storey building at Tel Aviv University, home to a vast range of academic activities.
  • The Shirley and Leslie Porter School of Cultural Studies (Israel, 1986) – Support for Tel Aviv University’s research centre for the study of culture.
  • Lady Sarah Cohen House (England, 1996) – Establishment of a purpose-built residential home for the elderly, providing quality live-in care and specialist care facilities for patients with Alzheimers.
  • The Royal Academy of Arts (England) – Provision of searchable catalogues, including the conservation, cataloguing and photographing of artwork.
  • The Porter Senior Citizen Centre (Israel, 1993) – Establishment of day care centre for the elderly in Old Jaffa, providing legal advice, social gatherings and workshops.
  • Daniel Amichai Centre for Rowing and Nautical Studies (Israel, 2002) – Establishment of a sports facility which nurtures future Olympic rowers and also serves the local underprivileged and special needs community through nautical activities.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum (England, 2006) – Establishment of the Porter Gallery for Contemporary Art
  • The Porter School of Environmental Studies (Israel, 2009) – Construction of a pioneering ‘green building’ (awarded ‘Platinum’ certification from LEED) at Tel Aviv University, to house amulti-disciplinary academic activities with a focus on environmental studies.
  • Deserve Project in the Dead Sea (Israel, 2012-17) – Partnership support for an interdisciplinary research project relating to ecological changes in the Dead Sea, through the Porter School of Environmental Studies.

Foundation’s History

The Porter Foundation was established in 1970 by Shirley Porter and her late husband Leslie Porter. Dame Shirley Porter is the Foundation’s Chairperson. The Foundation supports several charitable causes with focus on the environment, education, the arts and care for the elderly.