The Salesforce Foundation


The Salesforce Foundation


The Salesforce Foundation mission is to improve communities around the world. The concept is based on the company dedicating 1% of their time, products and resources to various causes in a term they call integrated philanthropy, or the ‘1-1-1 model’.


Salesforce is a worldwide organization with headquarters in San Francisco, USA.

Operating Region


Supported Causes

  • Nonprofits

    Nonprofits can benefit from Salesforce products at a heavily discounted rate. This enables more seamless integration between departments, allowing a greater use of resources in areas where they are needed.

  • Higher Education

    The Salesforce Foundation provides technology solutions to educational institutions that allow them to connect with students through mobile, social or cloud technology. Naturally, the solutions assist with recruiting, marketing and other administrative functions.

Foundation Contact Info

International Phone Numbers (local):


Canada: 647 258 3800

Mexico: 1866 450 8123

Brazil: 0800 891 1887

Rest of Latin America: (Spanish) 001-415-536-4606

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Grant / Award Programs

The Salesforce Foundation is open to working with various nonprofits and higher education groups. Here are some examples of the results of their work.

  • American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross is the leading emergency relief organization in the country and the group relies heavily on volunteers, financial donations, blood donors and recipients. Coordinating and communicating between these groups across the country in different information centres became a logisitcal challenge. The American Red Cross moved their activities to the cloud using Salesforce and now staff can use smartphones and iPads to coordinate in emergency situations.

  • Algonquin College

    Faced with falling admissions in Canada, Algonquin College decided to change their student and employee recruitment processes. By using Salesforce to track and automate lead capturing, they were able to manage, channel and track conversions more efficiently. The school integrated an app and was also able to track and enguage with social media conversations about the school using Salesforce Chatter.

Main Criteria for Funding Projects

Since its inception in 2000 the Salesforce Foundation has provided over $96 million in grants. The Salesforce Foundation is providing funding to Education and STEM programs, Workforce Development, Technology Innovation and Employee Inspired Giving. The Foundation only accepts proposals by invitation and partners with established organizations working at a national or international level.

Funded Organizations / Projects

The Salesforce Foundation has provided support to hundreds of organizations since 2000, including the following initiatives:

  • Bluestar Families – fundraising and community engagement support
  • Breast Cancer Network Australia – Cause and cure support and marketing communications
  • Australian Cancer Research Foundation – Cause and cure support and marketing communications

Foundation’s History

Founded in 2000 by Salesforce Chairman & CEO, Mark Benioff, the Foundation follows the 1-1-1 model. Product, equity and time are committed to causes where the foundation believes it can have the most impact; education and nonprofits. Through various grants, donation matching programs and discounted or donated technology, The Salesforce Foundation has had a significant impact based on a simple and small founding principle.