Finding new fundraising ideas isn’t easy. Do you go ‘tried-and-trusted’, (but boring) or ‘weird-and-whacky) (might not work). Our 4 Fabulous Fundraisers are not only proven to work, but are creative and fun for everyone involved.

4 Ways To Put the FUN in Fundraising


  1. Scavenger Hunt – Fun for the Whole Family

A scavenger hunt is a great way to raise funds for a school, or for a school to raise funds for a community cause. Family teams, teams of friends and even local businesses can take part in a scavenger hunt. With a little upfront planning, you’ll be able collect funds ahead of time because each team will pay an entry fee to be able to join in the fun. We suggest teams of up to five people maximum, especially if you’re going to have them drive to any of the locations on your hunt.

Once you’ve decided on your scavenger hunt route, you can decide on how many stopping points you’ll have and what tasks you will ask your participants to perform. If you’re raising money for a cause, you’ll be able to use each stop as a way to generate awareness about different facets of your organization. You’ll only need to source a small gift for the winning team, because the real prize in a scavenger hunt is taking part.

  1. A Form Foundation – Engraved Bricks

If you’re looking for a way to raise money for any building project then ‘Engraved Bricks’ is a phenomenal way to get things started. The upfront costs will include a brick engraver, as well as the bricks, of course! Each ‘brick’ is sold to an individual, family, or group, and for the cost of their donation, their names will be engraved on the brick that will either be on a wall of the new building or on a walkway outside. It’s a way for people leave their mark, literally, and to raise awareness for your building project. The best part is that this can be an ongoing project – it works especially well for schools and colleges when you get your alumni to purchase an engraved brick when they graduate.

  1. Raffle With No Prizes – 50/50

Need a way to boost your raffle idea? Host a 50/50 Raffle instead of one with traditional prizes. There is very little cost involved, apart from printing raffle tickets and the idea is simple: The raffle winner gets 50% of the total money raised! People get a kick out of donating and watching the funds increase, and the more money there is, the more people want to donate.

  1. Give It Up – Give Big

To really get your supporters involved in your cause, why not ask them to ‘give it up’ and donate the money to your organization. It’s a superb way to really engage with your community, plus you’re not asking them to take anything ‘extra’ out of their wallets, but only to give up a snack, a beverage, or even a small meal and donate the money to your organization instead. This idea will need a little bit of marketing to get it started, but is extremely effective for a longer, or ongoing fundraising idea.