Novel Fundraising Ideas for Charitable Causes

A large number of non-profit organizations – big and small – typically operate without a clearly formulated fundraising plan. For many of these organizations, all that’s required to get started is an idea that gets passed on to a committee that sets about working on it. The rigmarole typically involves things like holding meetings, sending out letters to donors and managing finances.

It is precisely at this juncture that uncertainty sets in and cash resources begin to get depleted. As a serious fundraiser, this is definitely ill-advised. The fact of the matter is that non-profits need to be run efficiently to be successful at what they do. There is no room for squandering precious donor resources by way of malfeasance, poor planning or lack of structure. girl wondering

A well-constructed fundraising plan is the only way to avoid the perils of a poorly planned fundraising initiative. One of the many ways to avoid this issue is by writing down what you’re looking for, how you plan to achieve it and how to cobble together an idea that is going to generate the responses that you are looking for in terms of donors and mass market appeal.

The process of planning is time consuming, but imperative. The following questions should be focused on during the actual planning process itself.

• When will the fundraising plan be written? And who will be responsible for writing the philanthropic fundraising plan?

Plans should be written every year. This way you can keep them fresh, relevant and updated. The best time to start writing a fundraising plan for charitable causes is the present. The people responsible for writing the fundraising plan include the development staff. Oftentimes it becomes important to involve the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company too. The Executive Director may also be included. Other people in the company that you can work with include the development consultants who work with writing these types of plans.

Focal Points of Your Fundraising Plans

• What is the Mission of the Fundraising Organization?
• What is the Objective of the Fundraising Plan?
• What types of tactics do you wish to employ and how do you expect these tactics to work? (Grants, Minor Donor Groups, Grants, Events, Major Donor Groups, Individual Giving, Annual Giving)

What is the Time Horizon for Your Organization?

Without a timeline, you can have the best fundraising plan that simply never achieves anything. A detailed timeline is preferable to one lacking in structure. Sometimes the timelines that you choose will be basic and at other times these timelines will feature intricate details. In any event it is important to adhere to the guidelines of the timelines.