3 Ways to Attract Donors and Keep Them Donating

Donor acquisition is undoubtedly one of the most important, and difficult, aspects of managing a non-profit organization. There is no single reason that gets people giving, and no unique sweet spot that’ll make donors give more. Learning how to attract donors, and keep them donating is more experiment than science, […]

4 Fabulous Fundraising Ideas That Actually Work!

Finding new fundraising ideas isn’t easy. Do you go ‘tried-and-trusted’, (but boring) or ‘weird-and-whacky) (might not work). Our 4 Fabulous Fundraisers are not only proven to work, but are creative and fun for everyone involved.
4 Ways To Put the FUN in Fundraising

Scavenger Hunt – Fun for the Whole Family

A […]

4 Rules and Tools for Your next Fundraising Cycle

Everywhere you look, fundraising is front and center. It comes as no surprise that charitable trusts and fundraising companies are looking to generate as much exposure as possible. Many companies utilize email and snail mail advertising methods to further their fundraising goals. However, when everyone is doing the same thing, […]

Fundraising and Donor Acquisition Go Hand-in-Hand

Fundraising initiatives have increasingly turned towards the Internet as a means of generating necessary revenues, acquiring donors, and maximizing their potential reach. The online arena has become so popular nowadays that an estimated 7% of all funds are generated via the Internet. In just 4 years, analysts have seen tremendous […]

Fundraising Galas: The Consummate Guide

Plan Your Fundraising Gala to Perfection
Fundraising galas, if executed correctly, have a tendency to generate tremendous media hype and charitable contributions. These galas are an integral component of the strategic marketing strategy for philanthropic organizations. At the heart of each event is the intent to showcase the virtues of the […]

Fundraising Resources: How to Get the Money for Philanthropic Initiatives

Setting up Development Departments for Fundraising Initiatives
In deciding how to go about structuring a philanthropic fundraising strategy, and raising the necessary capital to see it through to fruition, it is imperative to tap into as many viable resources as possible. Non-profit organizations across the US and other parts of the […]

How to Effectively Organize Your Business for Fundraising Operations

Organization is The Most Important Criterion for Effective Fundraising
An improperly organized company is the primary reason why the gifts function may not work effectively. It is also possible that the management and leadership of an organization is uncertain what functions the company is supposed to be undertaking. While many people […]

How to Raise Your Game When Fundraising

Fundraising for charitable causes requires a certain passion. The vast majority of successful fundraisers are driven and determined, with a definite zest for life. Fundraising can become a tedious undertaking even for the most driven individuals. It is for that reason that passion and inspiration become integral components of successful […]

Innovative Ways to Raise Funds for Charitable Causes

Leveraging the Power of Social Media for Philanthropic Fundraising
Facebook is the undisputed king when it comes to social media networking. What is equally important about Facebook is that fundraising organisations are turning to this social networking platform in large numbers. However, Facebook still remains one of the most underutilized resources […]

Interactive and Engaging Fundraising Ideas

Novel Fundraising Ideas for Charitable Causes
A large number of non-profit organizations – big and small – typically operate without a clearly formulated fundraising plan. For many of these organizations, all that’s required to get started is an idea that gets passed on to a committee that sets about working on […]

Managing Charitable Trusts

What is a Charitable Trust?
Donors have several options available to them when allocating assets to a charitable cause. One of the most effective ways of doing this is a charitable trust. A charitable trust consists of a group of assets that are typically liquid or can be converted into cash […]

The Art of Nurturing in Philanthropy

How to Get Wealthy Individuals to Contribute to Philanthropic Initiatives?
Top earners have the capacity to be charitable patrons. To create a culture of philanthropy among the world’s top earners is an art in and of itself. Of course, there are
many benefits to contributing generously to charitable causes, including tax relief […]

The Pros and Cons of Using Your Chosen Fundraising Sources

Now that you’re ready to start fundraising, you may be interested to know what advantages and disadvantages are associated with each income source that you approach. Let us briefly examine some of the sources you’re likely to encounter in your charitable fundraising efforts and some of the pros and cons […]

Tips for a Successful Fundraising Strategy

Planning is everything
We all want to do good in the world, and a great way to achieve this is to raise funds for a charitable cause. As with most things in life, a project is only as good as the planning that goes into it. Every successful project starts out […]

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