Gianfranco Morino

Gianfranco Morino

Place of Birth


Early Career

Founder of Amici del Mondo World Friends Onlus, Dr. Gianfranco Morino is an Italian medical doctor who spent more than 20 years working on the African continent. He worked with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Sololo, a nomadic area in North Kenya. Dr. Morino was responsible for the Programme for Health Prevention and Education. After three years in this role, he worked in Somalia with the European Union on a project that dealt with health prevention. Dr. Morino then worked in the shanty towns Mathare and Korogocho in Kenya where he also focused on education and prevention. In 2002 he accepted the role of Director at the surgery department of Mbatathi Hospital, also in Kenya.

Philanthropy and Sponsorship

After spending so many years on the African continent, Dr. Morino realised his dream of starting an organization with the express aim of improving, and saving lives in impoverished African countries.