David Rodman Cohan

David Rodman Cohan

Susan Cohan and David Rodman Cohan – Founders of Susie’s Cause

Place of Birth

United States


Charitable foundation

Early Career

Susan Cohan was a wife and mother of two young children before succumbing to colon cancer in her early forties. David Rodman Cohan is Susan’s father and co-founder of the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation.


Susan Cohan was the unfortunate victim of colon cancer. Before her death, Susan and her father David Rodman Cohan started the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation with the aim of helping others suffering from colon cancer to prevent dying from the disease through early detection

Philanthropy and Sponsorship

Started in 2005, the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation is also known as Susie’s Cause. After receiving a devastating diagnosis of advanced stage colon cancer, Susan Cohan learned that although it may be too late for her to beat the cancer, it is possible to effectively treat colon cancer if it is detected at an early stage. She became determined to help reduce the death rate of this kind of cancer through education and early detection. Susan started the Foundation with her father David Rodman Cohan who continued to work as director of the Foundation after Susan tragically succumbed to the cancer.