How to Raise Real Cash in a Virtual World

Fundraising has never been easy. It’s even more complicated and harder to raise funds for a non-profit on the Internet, a place where people are […]

Managing Charitable Trusts

What is a Charitable Trust?
Donors have several options available to them when allocating assets to a charitable cause. One of the most effective ways of […]

Fundraising Resources: How to Get the Money for Philanthropic Initiatives

Setting up Development Departments for Fundraising Initiatives
In deciding how to go about structuring a philanthropic fundraising strategy, and raising the necessary capital to see it […]

Fundraising and Donor Acquisition Go Hand-in-Hand

Fundraising initiatives have increasingly turned towards the Internet as a means of generating necessary revenues, acquiring donors, and maximizing their potential reach. The online arena […]

Fundraising Galas: The Consummate Guide

Plan Your Fundraising Gala to Perfection
Fundraising galas, if executed correctly, have a tendency to generate tremendous media hype and charitable contributions. These galas are an […]

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