Plan International – Paving the Way for Girls

Plan International – Equality Is Essential

We are living in a time when it is critical to bring the rights of young women to the fore. They need to be supported and inspired to smash gender barriers obstructing their ability to live their lives equally and with courage. Launched in 1937, Plan International is an organization focused on achieving equality for all young women around the world. The organization works with partners and individuals on initiatives that:

  •  Empower young people, particularly young women
  • Tackle the underlying causes of discrimination against young women
  • Drive change in practice and policy affecting young women locally and nationally
  • Support young women in a way that enables them to safely and successfully progress from childhood to adulthood

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Since its launch, the organization has reached millions of young women in 77 countries across the globe. In striving for a just and equal world, Plan International is engaged in two major projects aimed at equality for young women: Because I am a Girl and Girls Get Equal.

Because I Am a Girl

This global campaign was launched in 2012 on the first International Day of the Girl. It is focused on securing educational opportunities and support for young women so they can stand up and effect positive change in their lives. The main objective of the Because I Am a Girl initiative is to help young women knock down the barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential. Through this campaign, they are given the opportunity to become aware of their rights and their power instead of succumbing to discrimination that leads to a lack of proper education or coercion into childhood marriage and pregnancy. Over the course of four years, the Because I am a Girl campaign raised hundreds of millions of euros and helped millions of young women receive an education. The campaign was also instrumental in changing laws in several countries.

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Girls Get Equal

The Girls Get Equal initiative is Plan International’s biggest social-change campaign. It was launched on 50 online and social media channels and on a select range of television markets. The idea behind Girls Get Equal is to give young women the necessary support to achieve equality. Young women everywhere have historically been ignored, silenced, undermined, underestimated, and undervalued, and the time has come for change. With every action taken through this campaign, whether it is with marches, public speaking, or text, young women across the world are standing in solidarity. They are becoming a united voice against gender inequality, gender-based violence and abuse, discrimination, and human rights violations. The campaign wants every young woman to be free and be able to speak up without fear of harassment. Girls Get Equal is the start of an ongoing initiative envisioned as a collaboration that will continue for several years.

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Equality IS Possible

Through the work of organizations like Plan International, the world is beginning to realize the inherent potential that young women have when they are treated as equals.

Feed the World, Feed Your Mind – FreeRice

Based at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) headquarters in in Rome, Italy, the FreeRice non-profit website uses the concept of gamification to help end world hunger by literally delivering free rice to needy areas around the world. Not only does the organization seek to play their part in ending world hunger, but also to provide a means of free education for all.

The Concept of FreeRice

The concept is startlingly simple and yet an innovative way to encourage people to donate to a worthy cause without having to actually donate cash. The website has an easy to use interface: all you have to do is answer questions correctly, and for each correct answer, you’ll donate 10 grains of rice to the FreeRice program. If you get a question incorrect, you’ll be given the correct answer, and multiple opportunities to answer the question in following rounds.

There are dozens of subjects available to test your knowledge, learn something new, and make a donation that is meaningful and much needed. English, Maths, Humanities, Languages, Geography, Sciences, and even SAT test preparation are just some of the subjects that you can choose from on the website. You can change subjects at any time, and can choose your level of difficulty.




FreeRice: Who Pays for the Rice

It’s important, when choosing a charity to support that you do an extensive check into the bona fides of the organization, mainly to ascertain that your donation is actually getting into the hands of those who need it most. It’s also an important point that many foundations would do well to heed: transparency, in an increasingly cynical world, can make a big difference to your bottom line and help you do more good in the world.

The free rice that you earn and donate by answering questions is paid for by the advertisers on the website. The ads are not intrusive, and do not interfere with the overall experience of the website. The more people play the game and use the website, the more opportunity there is for advertising revenue which is used to fund the free rice program.

Started in 2007, the initiative only donated 830 grains of rice on its first day. In less than two years, FreeRice had increased that to 65 billion grains of rice distributed to people around the globe. Founder of FreeRice, John Breen, donated the FreeRice website to the UN World Food Programme in 2009.